Recruitment 2.0: Bringing Psychology into Recruitment
to reduce your risk, guesswork and frustration.

Recruitment Process
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Is a positive workplace an elusive dream?

A positive environment promotes employee growth, goal attainment (in business and in life) and lets employees perform to their highest ability. It starts with recruitment.
But the reality is different and it is costing you.

The cost of a poor hire

30% - 0%
Annual Salary
The estimated cost of making poor hiring decisions for non-executive positions in Australia ranges from 30%-150% of their annual salary.

Lost clients and good staff

Dismissing the poor hire also resulted in lost clients and the departure of good staff members.

Wasted time in training

The key implications of a poor hire were the business had “wasted a lot of time training someone”. About 33% of businesses said the poor hire received training and then “didn’t stick around”.

In less than 12 months

new hires will leave
If you have 100 new employees, you need to be hiring 18 replacements next year. In addition, about 36% of employees leave their jobs after 1-4 years.

Other side-effects

  • Dampened morale
  • Rehiring cost
  • Lost productivity
  • Manager's time loss
  • Lost training investment
  • Increased turnover
  • Organisation's reputation damaged
Finding and recruiting is just half the battle. You hope the candidate you meet and the person you hired is the same. What can you do to reduce the guesswork?
We understand. You don't have to be frustrated anymore.
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We are psychologists. Let us bring soft skills into your recruitment process and give dignity to candidates.


Why we approach recruitment differently?

We understand HR and Talent Managers and their challenges to assemble the most talented and cohesive group of people into their organisation. Hiring is frustrating and costly (in time and money), only to discover months later that the candidate is a poor choice for the job. Where did the process go wrong? How do we reduce recruitment risk and guesswork? Why is a good team so elusive?
Lifeology has been in the Coaching and Professional Development services industry for over 20 years. We have seen too many job descriptions spelt out like computer specifications. Candidates are people, not robots. To succeed, there must be a forward shift in recruitment, recognising people are complex and the current assessment process needs a boost. Resource planning has to evolve. Job descriptions are too hard-skills driven. Interviews need to go beyond skin deep. Onboarding and coaching are necessary for any successful candidate and organisation.
Scientific advancement in the study of human behaviour has given us tools to evaluate human traits. Emotional intelligence, behavioural and cognitive assessments allow us to understand or investigate the actual composition of the complex person. Every person is unique and possesses strengths and limitations (and there is no shame in it). We attempt to understand and place the correct person, with the needed soft and hard skills, to the right job. This is how we reduce recruitment risk.
Our recruitment services, unlike other recruiters, begin with understanding the company culture, the role and scrutinising the job description. We benchmark and profile that job description for our clients. Then we screen through all candidates using psychometric assessments even before meeting them for the first interview. Over many years of coaching, and we have extensively coached Officers in the Royal Australian Navy, this has led us to conclude that knowing an individual's behaviour and emotional intelligence is equally as important as knowing their hard skills. And that is lacking in current recruitment processes.
Building a good team doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. If team members are coached to recognise each other's strengths, skills and behavioural traits, then they can transform into a highly productive close-knitted positive workplace and team. This is the condition where people thrive and succeed for themselves and the organisation.
If you are feeling misaligned with your current recruitment process, then reach out and book a call with us. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
And to the unsuccessful candidate, there are silver linings in rejections. Let us coach your success.
Candidates are people.
Companies are people, coming together.
We humanise recruitment.

Let us be your recruiter of choice.

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Let us help you understand your candidates and
become the employer of choice.
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