August 28, 2023

AI in Recruitment and the Indispensable Human Touch 

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has changed several industries, including AI in recruitment, in the ever-changing digital age. AI-powered recruiting platforms have emerged as formidable tools for expediting the hiring process, evaluating massive volumes of data, and swiftly identifying viable applicants. 

While AI has clearly improved the recruitment environment, it is critical to recognize its limitations in correctly measuring human attributes as well as the critical importance of the human touch in making informed, sympathetic, and strategic hiring decisions. In this essay, we will look at the revolutionary impact of AI on hiring processes, the areas where it cannot totally replace human judgement, and the value that human expertise, notably that of psychologists, brings to the table.

Transformative Impact on AI in Recruitment

Here are some latest developments on how AI is changing recruitment:

Automated Candidate Screening

AI-powered recruitment platforms can rapidly sift through a large number of resumes and applications, filtering candidates based on predetermined criteria including educational qualifications, work experience, and relevant abilities. This method considerably decreases the time and effort necessary for manual screening.

Data-Driven Decision Making 

AI algorithms can scan enormous volumes of historical hiring data to uncover trends and connections between successful employees and certain traits. This data-driven technique improves candidate selection accuracy by identifying prospective matches based on past success.

Improved Candidate Sourcing

AI-powered recruitment systems can search for candidates across numerous job boards, social media platforms, and professional networks, increasing the talent pool and reaching candidates who might not have applied otherwise.

Video Interviewing and Assessment

AI can conduct first video interviews and evaluate candidate responses based on specified criteria. Recruiters can use this to evaluate candidates’ communication skills, confidence, and problem-solving ability in a virtual context.

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Personalised Candidate Experience

AI can develop individualised interactions with candidates via chatbots, answering frequently asked questions and offering real-time updates about the hiring process, ensuring a favourable candidate experience.

Where AI in Recruitment Cannot Replace the Human Touch

Undoubtedly, AI has many applications across many industries. But here are some reasons why human touch is always necessary:

Emotional Intelligence (EI) Assessment

Empathy, adaptability, self-awareness, and interpersonal skills are all important aspects of applicant evaluation. AI may have difficulty distinguishing subtle emotional cues and nuances that are critical in establishing cultural fit and job effectiveness.

Trying to understand complex human behaviour
Trying to understand complex human behaviour is hard even for AI

Contextual Understanding

Psychologists and human recruiters can grasp a candidate’s background, experiences, and motivations from a broader perspective. This context-driven awareness is required for making fair and complete assessments while avoiding unfair biases.

Soft Skills Evaluation

While AI can analyse hard talents from resumes, analysing soft skills like teamwork, leadership, and creativity takes a higher degree of study and observation than only human recruiters can deliver.

Complicated Problem Solving

The human touch is invaluable in professions that require complicated problem-solving talents. Human recruiters can engage candidates in dynamic conversations that explore their thought processes and creativity in ways that AI cannot.

Values and Cultural Fit Alignment 

Creating a cohesive and healthy team necessitates a thorough understanding of the culture and values of the firm. Human recruiters can better assess a candidate’s alignment with these intangible qualities, frequently with the assistance of psychologists.

Human recruiters can better assess a candidate's alignment with intangible qualities
Human recruiters can better assess a candidate’s alignment with intangible qualities

The Role of Psychologists with AI in Recruitment

As psychologists, we play a critical role in bridging the gap between cutting-edge technology and a sophisticated understanding of human behaviour. Here are some ways psychologists can help in the hiring process:

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Customising Assessment Criteria

The power of AI is in its execution speed. It can filter high volumes of resumes in seconds, looking for keywords to pick out potential candidates. 

But every job is uniquely different – not only by its role but even by the business climate. A CEO’s role in an ailing company is different from a rapidly growing company. 

By tailoring assessment criteria, psychologists can assist in the creation of thorough evaluations that focus on both hard and soft skills, answering the specific needs of various positions and organisations for that phase in time.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

AI is very good at uncovering trends and connections between successful employees and certain traits. Regardless of its capabilities, it should always be used as merely a guide. Outstanding candidates, the Outliers, typically do not fall into trends. 

Psychologists emphasise the value of EI by incorporating EI evaluations into the recruitment process, which provides a more holistic perspective of individuals. But sometimes, they also rely on non-communication skills or hunches to assess the person. Oftentimes, non-verbal communication speaks louder than verbal.

Behavioural Insights

AI can evaluate human responses based on specified criteria. But people are complex and inconsistent. In an interview, you only see what a candidate portrays. You need a way to know the real person. Their natural behaviour and motivation must fit the role and team dynamics.

You need a way to know the real person. Their natural behaviour and motivation must fit the role and team dynamics.
You need a way to know the real person.

Psychologists use their knowledge to provide subtle behavioural insights and personality tests to discover applicants with the correct temperament and interpersonal abilities.

Candidate Support and Experience

Chatbots and robots can give a personalised experience but they are impersonal. Are you sacrificing human connection for efficiency? Are you giving the impression that an employee is a dispensable number in its workforce? 

You need to give important feedback, support, and advice to candidates to improve the overall candidate experience, resulting in a positive impression of the organisation.
You need to give important feedback, support, and advice to candidates to improve the overall candidate experience

By providing important feedback, support, and advice to candidates, psychologists improve the overall candidate experience, resulting in a positive impression of the organisation. We strive to work faster with AI without being less human.

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AI has undeniably changed the recruitment scene, bringing unprecedented efficiency and data-driven decision-making to the hiring process. However, the human touch remains an essential component of recruitment, especially in areas where AI struggles to completely comprehend the complexity of human behaviour, emotions, and soft skills.

As psychologists, we provide unprecedented value to the recruitment process through emotional intelligence evaluation, behavioural analysis, and understanding of the complexities of human interactions. We can build a more thorough, compassionate, and strategic approach to talent acquisition by integrating the power of AI with the insights of human recruiters, resulting in long-term employee success and organisational progress.

In the fast-paced world of recruiting, finding the proper balance of AI and human touch will pave the way for a future in which hiring decisions are based not only on efficiency but also on empathy, diversity, and true knowledge of candidates’ potential. We can build stronger, more resilient teams that drive innovation and take enterprises to new heights of success by embracing the unique qualities of both AI and psychology.

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